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The Road to Successful Summer Travel  Thumbnail

The Road to Successful Summer Travel

Summer family vacations offer an amazing opportunity to share new experiences with loved ones, create lasting memories and escape from our daily routine. Consumer research shows that 58 per cent of Canadians travel in the summer, and that cost is the biggest consideration for 77 per cent of travellers. Road trips make for great Summer family “us” time and can be budget friendly without compromising the fun. 

From point A to point B, your route is central to overall planning. Map your route and prepare your trip itinerary in advance. Key considerations; toll roads, construction zones and fuel prices. Online mapping tools and mobile apps can help you find the road less travelled to get to point B with less traffic and a stress-free drive.  A vehicle check up before you go, can help to improve fuel efficiency and remember getting there is half the adventure! 

Accommodations can be one of the biggest budget items, save money by checking out competitive travel websites for deals and discount rates and complimentary hotel breakfasts can add to meal savings. Vacation rentals are another affordable option with many online rental sources to choose from. Week days are less expensive, and most attractions offer discounts certain days of the week.  Look for  coupons online or in the city’s tourism guide. 

Pack a cooler with some refreshments for the road and stop at grocery stores to stock up on healthy snacks. Meal planning and restaurant selection can help you keep your food budget low. Go out for a late lunch instead of supper, dinner menus are generally higher priced.  

Safe travel is successful travel, remember to check your travel medical insurance or buy some if necessary, adjust your cell phone settings to avoid roaming charges and alert your bank and credit card company to your travel plans. With a few good strategies and some thoughtful planning, a road trip this summer can be an affordable option and provide quality time with the people who matter the most.