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Client Engagement Process


At the Hamel Wealth Management Group, our role is to provide you with exceptional information, advice and recommendations to help you protect and grow your wealth, so that you can live comfortably. Our unique financial roadmap process and our approach to getting to know our clients helps ensure the suitability of investments. yourPath represents a commitment to complete a systematic and proven planning process.

Step 1

Identify Goals & Risk Tolerance

We collect information about you, your family and your business and will determine your investment goals and risk tolerance.

Step 2

Analyze Situation

Consideration is given to your current situation, future savings, anticipated rate of return and when you’ll be able to achieve your goals.

Step 3

Develop Recommendations

A plan is outlined to bridge any gaps between your current financial situation and your defined goals. We look for ways to reduce taxes and address your estate legacy.

Step 4

Develop a Written Financial Strategy & Investment Policy Statement

A detailed financial strategy and Investment Policy Statement (IPS) are developed, which are tailored to your goals and objectives. The IPS outlines objectives, restrictions and guidelines for your account portfolio.

Step 5

Implement Strategy

Your IPS and financial strategy are put into action and your new customized portfolio is created.

Step 6

Performance Reports

A quarterly review is conducted to ensure that your portfolio stays on track with respect to your plan. Where required quarterly in depth performance reports are sent to you. Your portfolio is re-balanced as required to ensure it is in line with your goals and changing needs.

Continued Commitment

We meet at least annually with clients, in addition to periodic mail and phone reviews. At your annual review we will update yourPATH based on new information and changing objectives.

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