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Our Services & Solutions

"The best thing we can do is size up the chances, calculate the risks involved, estimate our ability to deal with them, and then make our plans with confidence."
-Henry Ford

Investment Management Process


An article by Geoff Davey, Co-Founder of a risk profiling system describes risk in four ways:

  • As risk tolerance, your personality trait linked to the amount of risk you ordinarily take
  • As risk capacity, which is the financial risk that you can afford to take
  • As perceived risk, which is the risk that you perceive in any alternatives being considered
  • As required risk, which is the risk that you must take on to achieve your goals

By obtaining a risk tolerance questionnaire from you and preparing a financial strategy for you, we are able to address all four risk characteristics when developing an investment policy statement and portfolio recommendations.


Studies have indicated that over 90% of the variation in portfolio returns is due to asset allocation. Based on your risk profile, we select a target asset allocation aimed to achieve your financial goals. By diversifying your portfolio over a variety of asset classes, we can reduce the overall risk of a portfolio.


We take time to fully research all investment recommendations that we make to our clients. We have created a recommended list of funds that we continually monitor and update. When analyzing a fund, we review the fund objectives, top holdings, the risks associated with owning the fund, as well as the fund manager. We can also create custom portfolios utilizing stocks, bonds and exchange traded funds for clients with investable assets over $500,000.


We utilize various strategies in order to minimize the taxes you pay on your investments. These strategies include, but are not limited to sheltering income inside registered accounts, utilizing corporate class funds, investing in tax managed funds, leveraging and spousal loans.

Additional Services

The Hamel Wealth Management Group utilizes a variety of investment programs and services tailored to meet your individual needs. We view wealth management as a way to integrate your investment strategy with other relevant areas. Through Manulife Wealth Insurance Services Inc., we can help you plan for your future and the future of those you care about. We consider insurance integral to protecting the financial health of you and your family. We are insurance agents through Manulife Wealth Insurance Services Inc., and engage all of Canada's leading insurance providers to ensure that you are receiving the right type of coverage at the appropriate price.

Business Owners

There are ways to protect all of the hard work you have invested in your business. We can help ensure that your business has the resources to continue when health issues arise, and in the event of a death of a key person. Corporate financial protection can provide funds for business continuation, buy/sell agreements, and creditor life insurance.

Personal Insurance

All of us want to make certain that our families and those we care about are protected, even if we are no longer able to provide for them. Individual insurance products include term life insurance, permanent life insurance, tax sheltered investments, critical illness protection, income replacement and lump sum disability buy-out.

Planned Giving

We can help you plan how you would like to benefit those charitable organizations that are important to you, both while you are alive and by providing a legacy that will outlive your passing.